Century of Sand

You want some free fiction, don’t you? Of course you do. Head on over to Ruzkin’s homepage where he is releasing chapter by chapter a new novel that he’s working on, called Century of Sand.

I’m an unashamed (ok, maybe slightly shamed) Ruzkin fanboy, and am slightly jealous of the quality and volume this lad puts out! Having said that, I have asked him, and I know his secret. You might have heard it before; write every day. Make it a habit.

I shall be working on that one again. And writing again I shall be doing next week. I just have to work out on what. But in this new age of no word counts and writing as I please for pleasure, I’m sure something will pop up.

In the meantime, go get you some epic fantasy.

3 thoughts on “Century of Sand

  1. Cheers for the shout, man. Sorry to let you down, but CoS is gonna have to take a back seat to me polishing and mailing out the 2nd draft of Alpha Slip… but there will be more, eventually!

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