The stories are in

I had meant to write yesterday when I feverishly edited and submitted my two stories for the Search Term Word Challenge. I’ll keep you posted on when they are up. I can’t tell you which ones they are but you can still vote on which of the (probably) many entries you think is the best.

The goal was to include up to four or so of the search term words in the story, and it wasn’t really all that hard an ask. Stories leaped out at me when I saw them. They fitted easily. But the joy of this particular body of work is seeing what everyone else comes up with.

I’ve been playing Mass Effect 2, and probably pushing quickly onto the near end of the game. Yes, I like it. Yes, it’s a cool game, but still, there’s very little imagination in the missions themselves. There’s something formulaic about the go-here-get-this-member format they are using, supplemented by the go-here-for-this-person-kill-this secondary missions.

I still look forward to finishing it and then finishing Mass Effect 1 with my bad ass character and taking her through Mass Effect 2.

Monday will come and I will have to go back to writing. What I’m going to work on is something I haven’t entirely worked out yet though.


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