Non writing pursuits

Messing around in boats

I could be writing, but I’m not. Rather I’m happily sitting on my ass on the wrong day of the week off. But given my roster of late, Thursday and Friday find themselves as my new weekend. This would be my version of messing around in boats.

Sitting on my ass recouping from work.

I’m meaning to try a second loaf of bread today, now I have the time to rise. The first loaf was a total disaster, reminding me a pinch of salt. And more rising. I think I got the kneading right though. Practice does make perfect, and I have made the perfect loaf of bread on many occasions. I just never wrote any of the process down. My net instructions seemed to imply I shouldn’t beat the dough down after the first rise, which seemed wrong. I did what it said and the loaf sucked. Fool me once …

I’ve been watching a bit of TV. Well, no. I watched TV last night. Episode 1 of Flash Forward, which I liked. And episode 1 of Torchwood: Children of Earth, which I liked well enough, but not as much as Flash Forward. That would be slick US production vs solid British storytelling.

And games. Sigh. Games. Everyone has rabidly destroyed Mass Effect 2, and I’m champing at the bit to get my hands on that one when I’m able. I’m rather in the mood for epic sci fi.

Speaking of sci fi, but not really, I have a date with Surrogates. I’ll be back.


2 thoughts on “Messing around in boats

  1. Yes, Simon is avidly playing Mass Effect 2. He let me watch How I Met Your Mother on Tuesday night but thats been the extent of my TV watching recently.

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