Bees, it had to be bees …

Well last nights Shadowrun session went well, as I generally feel most of the sessions have gone. The group started off on a new series of adventures, after having taken down the immortal Chinese general Yuan Fen. Last time around they sided with their mysterious Johnson Yao Wu over the general, and are now wondering whether their Johnson is actually some form of body jumping spirit.

All fun in games in the world of 2070 Shadowrun, where magic and technology blend.

The session was a fairly low key affair but still had some cool scenes I though. With no runs to go on, they attended to a matter within their own house that has been brewing since the second or so session. After careful investigation, they discovered that their rigger buddy Dimitri (a secretive ork who lived in their apartment block) had succumbed to insect spirits.

Maybe they should have helped him deal with the huge hornet nest stuck outside his window? None the less, the damage was done, and armed with hazmat suits, fire extinguishers, flashbang grenades and squirt guns they went in to do battle with the huge outbreak of hornets, and the remains of what used to be their friend Dimitri.

The battle was short, but brutal. Hornets everywhere. The half hornet, half ork thing that was Dimitri almost took down Cassidy, the groups Asian American pistol nut. Roy, the drake mage dropped from the poison of two insect spirits. Somehow, again, Grigory the giant weapons nut came out relatively unscathed.

Heading into the sewers after the escaping insect spirits they discovered a dumping spot for bodies, one of whom they knew from previous runs. They came across a ghoul problem that took a back seat to another intriguing fact; a huge blue door that only they could identify, the same shade of blue as the recurring dreams they had been having for the last month.

A fairly low key and straight forward adventure compared to most of their runs to date, but not often a group of gunfreaks go into a battle with squirt guns. I always try and make combat a more interesting affair than just guns, usually by putting them into an interesting environment. I’ve never set anything in an apartment filled with hornets.

Because of work, it’s going to be a few weeks before we get to run again. I shall keep you all posted.


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