Take a Drive on the wild side

I rather loved Twin Peaks, even though I never really saw anything past halfway through the second season (fans of David Lynch and the series will probably guess why), and despite not being able to comprehend half of what David Lynch does, I still love him all the same. It rather vexes me that he can make films that no one can agree on the meaning or plot of, and they still applaud him as a genius.

Well, I guess I count myself among those who do anyway.

I saw Mulholland Drive today, a film that is widely considered to be his best. It certainly seems the culmination of his weird style, although I think I list Blue Velvet as his best. Why? Because I understood most of what was going on in that.

A curious side note, a number of scenes in Blue Velvet inspired scenes in Silent Hill 2. Namely the voyeristic shots from the closet while dark and nasty things happen outside in the room.

I still like Mulholland Drive, but boy, I didn’t understand a bit of it after the first two hours. It tells the story of a starlet who is involved in an accident that leaves her without memory of who she is or where she came from, and leaves us wondering why she is being chased by shadowy players in Hollywood.

The answers don’t come easy in this nightmarish little piece of work.

I think David Lynch is an acquired taste, and I certainly can’t recommend any of his stuff without a lot of caveats. But if you enjoy dark, strange and downright almost incomprehensible films that require you to think, this is a good first stop.


3 thoughts on “Take a Drive on the wild side

  1. @ruzkin Hmmmm …. nah I think I liked Blue Velvet better than Lost Highway, but I think I’d put Lost Highway above Mulholland Drive … this is probably only because I understood Lost Highway more than I did Mulholland Drive.

    @merrilee I might almost say don’t watch season 2. Season 1 was incredibly brilliant …

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