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The power of one man

It was a while back during the trouble with Katrina when I came across the blog of an IT group that was stuck in the middle of it all, reporting from the thick of it. It was a fascinating and somewhat bleak look that mainstream media just couldn’t capture. They reported up to the minute about what they could see and hear from their building swamped in the middle of the waters.

Soon after I came across the blog of Jake Woods, who was a marine reporting from Iraq at the time. It was equally hard hitting, and just as person, showing us a side of the world that traditional media didn’t capture.

Having said that, the point of this post isn’t so much about what we already know; that blogs from individuals generally end up more informative in this day and age as to what is really happening. No, rather this post is more one of props to Jake.

When he finally came to the end of his term as a marine, he shut down his blog. Reasoning being that his blog was about his service and now he was going to get on with his life after that. It was a weird feeling, having come to an end of something like that, having read his hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations for a good year or so.

Then a few weeks back, something emerged from his feed, which I was still subscribed to. Jake was pissed off by what he was seeing happening (or not happening) in Haiti. His solution was as blunt and straight forward as I’d learnt to expect from him. Get together a team of like minded individuals, fly himself and his team and supplies to a neighbouring country and head in over land.

And thus was formed Team Rubicon, which is busy doing a whole lot of good in Haiti. Head on over, and see if you can get addicted to the cool blogs about cool people doing great things. All in all, Jake definitely is one cool guy.


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