Non writing pursuits

Net! Glorious net!

I haven’t been neglecting my blog because I haven’t been writing. I haven’t even been not writing because I’ve nothing to say. Ah no, a more fundamental problem that in the process taught me more and more about how the interwebs work from the backend. Yup, my net went down in a steaming pile of crap, along with the exchange it was connected to. Or rather, the other way around. But it’s resolved now.

I have net again!

Not a lot else to report though, you think that I’d actually get writing done, but no. No writing for me. Instead I’ve been working a lot on a RPG game I’ve been running with friends each weekend. Shadowrun is a rather cool setting, mixing fantasy and cyberpunk in a way that would make most puritists of both fields cry. 2012 brings an Awakening that returns magic, dragons, elves and orcs back into the world. Now in 2060, the world is a very different place.

It’s something I might have to blog about in more detail given that I’ve been doing it now for a month or so, and actually working on it as regular as I used to write.

I completed Assassins Creed 2 and found things to complain about. The game got a bit weak towards the end. The plot got wobby and the ending didn’t satisfy me too much. Still, the game runs and looks beautiful.

Mass Effect 2 is out this week, and I still haven’t got Dragon Age yet! Ah well. More to follow.


2 thoughts on “Net! Glorious net!

  1. Glad you’re back! Simon is drooling about Mass Effect 2 and trying to decide which version to buy…. Xbox Deluxe? Downloaded from the net? The boxed PC version? too many choices 😉

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