The book of the game of the book

The upcoming Dantes Inferno game has amazed me at every turn. Ever since I saw the original trailer and wondered how the hell (excuse the pun) they went from Inferno to what they were showing us on screen, to the even fuller trailers that came out. Those trailers showed us a side to the text that frankly wasn’t there, from its revenge plot, to the devil with a speaking part.

Having said that, they never actually said that the game was more than ‘inspired’ by the classic work.

Now, yes, we have the book of the game of the book. But it’s not nearly as bad as it might sound. Unlike the game, the book is actually just the original text of Dante’s Inferno. Branded how it is with the games cover and screenshots inside, I have to wonder how many gamers will be inspired to pick it up. Furthermore, I wonder what they will think of Dante, in his slightly less muscular and heroic poise.


2 thoughts on “The book of the game of the book

  1. They put out the book again with the game cover etc? Wow, I wonder how that will do! I’d love to see some stats on it after awhile, and also to see how it affects the game players thoughts on things too.

  2. There just seems like a massive separation between the game and the original text. Doesn’t this show in the fact that the game is so different from the text? I’d be interested to see if this gets any of the gamers into the actual Inferno. Personally I found it hard going, and didn’t go beyond that. I skipped the other/texts.

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