Christmas, Twilight and gunslingers, oh my …

Christmas and me don’t get along all that well, and it’s just as well that for the most part we have stayed out of each others hair this year around. With my roster, and thanks to a Christmas Eve of hard customers, it’s not felt much like Christmas.

Christmas is always about packed shopping malls, people dying on Shortland Street, and endless reruns of Christmas movies that have absolutely no baring on what my end of the world looks like at this time of the year.

But at least this year around it’s been relatively quiet, and I managed to finish Wolves of the Calla. Not such a good thing, I’ll rant about that later.

My post title lies, I didn’t watch Twilight. I didn’t even watch New Moon either. Well, not all of it. I can stand watching most movies, but I didn’t get more than 30 minutes into that one. I can see what all the fuss is about, though.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all and all that. For now, rest and recovery and getting ready for another unforgiving week of work!


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