Kiwiwriters is back up!

Well, I blogged about thinking of entering the New Year Novella (strangely, the post doesn’t appear to have displayed yet …), and I mentioned that Kiwiwriters was down. Well it’s not now. All the more reason to join up with the madness that is the New Year Novella and get 20k sorted for the next year.

For me to get back into writing I think I need an excuse to push through all the strange schedules and just get back on the horse. You can’t be a writer without writing, after all. One has to write, no matter when or where or how much. So, let this be a New Years resolution I guess. But will I beat my 150,000 words or so of this year? I’ll have to check on that, but I think that’s what I was standing at.


5 thoughts on “Kiwiwriters is back up!

  1. you suck you suck you suck.
    I can’t believe I let you bully/peer pressure me into signing up, and under the idea that I could actually add 20K to the novel in progress…. we both know I won’t be able to resist the lure of the true novella. I adore novellas…..
    There is that little coffee shop I write about…. it could do with another novella…

  2. Oh the New Year shall indeed have the novella’ed the crap outta … of … that is, I’m gonna do it. I was the first to dive into the pool on that challenge.

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