tama wise

.. and irresponcible Tuesdays


Posted on Wednesday, which just shows my continued laziness. Despite all this, I am still working on writing related stuff. Continuing to test read Ruzkin’s Alpha Slip which is ripping along at a decent pace. I just need to read it more quickly and get up on par with where everyone else probably is.

Nothing is more bohemian for writing than Alleluyah cafe. Set in a incredibly ancient looking mall and surrounded by suitably greenie shops and boutiques. Their coffee is decent and the surrounds perfect for not writing. But editing and test reading I’m still doing a lot of.

On the writing horizon though, I promise myself I’m all in for the New Years Novella. Kiwiwriters is down for maintenance at the moment, but even if it is still down come the New Year I’ll write the 20k anyway. I seem to have a better track record with that and SOCNOC than I do with Nanowrimo at the moment.

There’s just the matter of what to write …