I love you XBox …

Ok, so I was most certainly not convinced on XBox Live, or rather the Marketplace side of it. I’m just too much of a traditionalist. I like to have physical copies of the things that I buy. Therefore, I wasn’t sold on the idea of downloading games that I had to pay for, but have no physical reality of.

I changed my tune. Enough that I’ve bought a few games (Portal included), and rather sold on the idea. Although I’m still not entirely sold on the fact I don’t get to have physical copies.

The next development in my love affair with the XBox is the advent of downloadable HD movies. It works out to be $6 NZ per rental, for something that you have access to play for 24 hours. You can either download or stream, both at amounts that I’m yet to determine. But for a moment, a brief moment, the idea seemed very appealing. Ignoring the cost of the broadband download, the idea is rather smart. Why go out to a DVD store if you can do the same via your XBox at about the same price?

The other feature that I found myself playing around with during the weekend was streaming from a PC. It didn’t take much to get working, and when I discovered that DivX wouldn’t work, and played around with that, I figured I might have hit a block. But no, even that was overcome with a bit of research.

All of this contributes to the idea that my XBox as the ‘media hub’ of my lounge. As much as people have bleated about the idea in the past, it’s not until now that it almost seems a reality. It’s a matter of making it both easy and accessable. When it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons, then it seems far more likely as a possible replacement to all the many other things I do to get my stuff on my big screen.

With the possibility of streaming to my XBox and therefore my big TV, what need to I have for the piss poor local TV stations? Ah, well that would be the future of TV perhaps? Watch this space.

Does anyone else have any experience with this sort of thing? I’d be interested to hear, given I have a very low tolerance for technology and fiddling with it to get it to do stuff.


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