Working on the night shift

People still need their tech support at late hours, and this week, that’s where I come in. Yup, peoples computers seem to break down during the 9-10pm shift as regularly as they do during the 8-9am shift. Or the 2-3pm shift. And this week, it’ll be me making sure that their computers are still running.

This week on writing; about as much as last week, but I’m also reading over a draft v1.5 of Ruzkin’s Alpha Shift. Not only can he leap up and over tall buildings (Enzio has nothing on this guy), but he can write far too well for someone of his age. But I realized after making a hash of reading for Cassie that I had to approach this all in a far more structured way. So, reading it during the times that I usually write. Treating it like a writing project.

I have to keep hacking away at my setting that I was whisked into last wek.

And Stephen King is still vexing me with his novel Wolves of the Calla. We continue to warble around the middle book with him letting all these characters gasbag endlessly, when there are wolves to fight! The plot has ground down to almost nothing in terms of its pacing. None of this is advancing the plot at all.


3 thoughts on “Working on the night shift

  1. Man, I’m glad you’re enjoying AS so far, but don’t get TOO nice about it. I need you to point out all the awful bits too! 2nd part is done for whenever you need it…

    And I still think Wolves of the Calla was an improvement over book 4, the flashback book. That was PAINFUL.

  2. You did make a hash of it, but I’ll forgive you. You can tackle it when I’ve actually rewritten it instead! The first draft needs a stack of work anyways πŸ˜‰ Glad you’re reading something enjoyable, even if it’s not King! lol

  3. @ruzkin Don’t worry, I might be enjoying it, but I know what I’m here to do πŸ™‚ And Wolves is worse than the previous book. At least the last book advanced the story, just slowly. This one isn’t advancing at all.

    @J.C. I’ll take a rewrite and do it right this time!

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