A new week, a new routine

It’s Monday, and unlike every other Monday that has come before for the last few months, I’m not at work. I find myself with a roster that has me working later shifts. That’s fine. I just need a new routine and a new schedule when it comes to dealing with the new hours.

The thought that I have burning my brain at the moment isn’t so much work, but my total lack of productivity. On some levels, I’m fine with that, but my head has reached critical mass, and it’s time to work on something. Fine again, you might think.

But being an Aries and a fire sign, I’m all about ideas and burning bright and such. What I lack is focus. I’ve never really had focus before. In writing, I can cheat that problem by giving myself word counts and such. Outside writing, things drop as quickly as I lose interest in them, and again, being the ideas person, that’s pretty damn quick.

How do all you deal with focus? I’m guessing for some, it’s no problem. You have an idea, you follow through with it. How do all the rest of you deal with focus though? Any tips for someone who has about a million ideas, and no focus to start working (and then keep working) on just the one?


2 thoughts on “A new week, a new routine

  1. Focus and dedication need work, but it’s easier if it’s something you love. I can’t get into a fitness routine, no matter how hard I try. But scheduling writing and sticking to the schedule? Can-do. Have-done.

    It’s hard for the first few weeks, then suddenly, you actually feel bad if you DON’T write. So just do it. Make the mental commitment, make the physical commitment, and do it.

  2. Oh I feel a little of the should be writing guilt at the moment. It’s just a matter of not being able to focus on one project over another. Nothing really grabs me by the throat and makes me wanna write it. I guess I should just pick something and go with it.

    I’ve never much loved writing as much as some, but I know that writing takes work, just like any other art.

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