A view from the end

Well it was a bit of a disaster month for me writing wise, and in just two days, Nanowrimo will be over too for those who did manage to stay in the game.

I still tell myself I have nothing to prove, and I have no regrets dipping out after only a week or so. I’m spending the time recouping, thinking, planning and plotting. Nothing overly writing related mind you. Anything but writing at this stage.

I’ll consider it my extended writing weekend.

Still plenty to write in the Sweet Music series. If nothing else, it might expose ya’ll to some albums you might not have been exposed to before. And perhaps explain a little of my strange music habits. Music to me, and to many people, is the lifeblood that keeps us going, along with breathing, eating and sleeping.

For those who are still in the throes of Nanowrimo, keep going. It’s almost over. It’s both a titanic effort, these last few days, and a titanic thrill when you finally do break the final line. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a Nano any earlier than on the last day. Don’t let all those other winners bother you. Keep true to yourself and make that final push!


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