Jolly sick

Oh boy am I, and working at 5pm, which is about 2 hours from now. I’m sure with a heavy dose of lots of good and hot ramens, and filling myself to the ears with meds I’ll be good and ready. It’s only 5 hours, and only Sunday night. Who calls a call center on a Sunday night? Well, we shall see.

Meanwhile, I’m reading again. Struggling my way through Stephen King’s Wolves of the Calla. It’s not that it’s a bad book. It’s not. I love the Dark Tower series. But I’m sure that the last few of the series I’ve read, this one included, could do with a little more on the editing tip.

More tomorrow, with luck.


2 thoughts on “Jolly sick

  1. Agreed, Wolves of the Calla was so sloppily edited. There’s only enough story in there for 300 pages, really. I think the DT series would have been so much better if the last 4 books had been reduced to 3.

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