Great Scott! (base)

I can’t remember how long I’ve been spying on one of our countries illustrious installations, but it’s a curious mix of wonder and voyeurism I guess. I’m talking about Scott Base, which is down in the Antarctic.

They have moved their camera recently, and the weather has been pretty crap, but this view, I think, gives the entire base, rather than just the main building.

The first thing that hit me about Scott Base was that (at the time) it was almost continuously dark. Of course, I knew that about the Antarctic. But just like seeing the base itself, it filled me with a sense of strange wonder. This isn’t something that I was reading about, or seeing on TV. It’s a direct feed from the place itself, proving that yes, it’s cold as hell, unforgiving in its landscape and has weird day/night patterns.

Another thing that strikes you about the base, not so much now its a wide shot, is that it seems almost entirely uninhabited. You would see trucks had moved between shots, but little other sign that there was anyone there. I did once see something that I thought was a person. I didn’t get a grab of image. Pity. Cause the next frame proved it was. The small black smudge was gone.

Then again it’s currently about -17c there, and I’ve since learned the whole base is connected by tubes.

Why not check in on the base each time you log in, if it hits you with the same curious wonder that it does me.


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