Finally some decent television

History was one of my better subjects at school, so by the time the rather large glut of Elizabeth I films, series and all manner of things came out, it was all old hat to me. I could watch them for the costume and period drama, but I knew who was gonna get the chop and what was going to happen.

Elizabeth – The Golden Age was ruined for me. I knew what was going to happen with the Spanish Armada.

The reign of Elizabeth I was my starting point in history, then James, then Charles, and Cromwell. So stuff had to go backwards for me to not know the plot.

Hello the Tudors, a rather sumptuous Showtime series that is currently about to end it’s third season here in NZ. I rather think they are playing two episodes a week, so we have rocketed through and its almost over as quickly as it started.

At the moment, Henry the VIII is nothing like the guy we see in history. He’s strapping, handsome and getting it on with almost any female who moves through the incredibly designed sets of the series. The acting is top notch, and the twists and turns delightful. It really feels like being stuck in a court where intrigue rules, and the King is the absolute head of the country and church with power of life and death.

It also paints a great picture of someone who, yes, perhaps deserves the reputation that he’s known for, but also someone who lives and grieves and deals with the problems of rulership as well.

I watched most of season 1, missed season 2, but are well hooked for this season. Pity it’s going to be over so quick. But, it’s too much of a drawcard for TVNZ not to grab the next season as soon as its available. The series is definitely proof that history can be sexy and dangerous and fun, and not just a dusty text book.


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