The road (again) to writing

Well, I haven’t written since my last post. I just don’t have the heart, soul and drive to keep at my Nanowrimo effort, hence this not being a Nano post. Tear my Nano badge from my shirt and toss it in the dirt! Bah. Well, I managed SOCNOC this year. What went wrong with Nano?

Not entirely sure there. My writings suffered a lot of late. Adapting to my new job, and routine has taken a lot out of me. My volume has dropped somewhat as well, but I’m not sure that my want to write has. The mind is willing, but the body just hasn’t followed. I’m not sure that pushing myself through Nano is the best thing for me, when I’ve stuffed it up already on a few counts.

Call me a piker if you wish, but I shan’t listen.

Instead I am attempting to get myself back into the mode of writing again. I need projects, things to write. Something to focus on. Without AP to focus on, I really have nothing. I need something to work towards and new goals. What that is, I’m not entirely sure yet. I wonder how many people are not doing Nano right now? I’m rather the odd one out.


2 thoughts on “The road (again) to writing

  1. Agree with Merrilee, have been bugging you for a long time to actual stop avoiding assessing what you want out of your writing! Do it. Figure out what you want, and go from there, I reckon once you’ve had a think the path will open up before you

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