NANO 09: Day 10, “Disaster strikes”

Today was not a good day writing wise. I had a block while writing. A total block. I stopped writing, stared at the screen and couldn’t even see where I was going. I did what any good Nano writer should do in this situation, I wrote crap. I kept writing anything, waiting for the train of thought to kick back in so I could write on with the story.

It never came.

I’m not sure what’s up recently. Maybe pushing myself through Nano isn’t the best idea for me right now. I’m eternally disappointed in myself, because I’ve never really had a block like this before. But maybe it’s my brains way of telling myself to ease up a moment. It’s not like this trouble is a new thing. It’s been plaguing me a bit of late.

I certainly haven’t made it any easier on myself by swapping projects midstream. Of course I’m not going to have flow when, really, I’ve just started. I should have been writing a 50k novel, not 50k of serial. And second to that, I shouldn’t have changed. Even though I figured it might help out.

So, what am I to do. I’m not entirely sure. If I quit Nano and give myself a break from writing for a week or so, what do I come back to? Not entirely sure there either. Without AP on my plate, I have no major projects on the go. Maybe I need to do something fresh. Maybe enter a few competitions. Maybe build some worlds and brainstorm on ideas.

Tomorrows write-in day, but not doing Nano sorta nixes that idea. Bah. Sleep on it, I guess. See where I go from there. Welcoming any thoughts or suggestions.


3 thoughts on “NANO 09: Day 10, “Disaster strikes”

  1. My Nano was much like that. There were more than a few days where I just rambled with no end in site and finished the day feeling like a joke of a writer. But, just training yourself to push through bad patches is worth-while. Keep at it!

  2. I’ll see what I can do, thanks though guys. I’m suddenly keenly aware of the fact I ain’t read anything in terms of books or such for months now as well, where I always have.

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