NANO 09: Day 9, “A new project begins”

I’m still about 2,000 words behind the game, but it doesn’t matter so much. I’m averaging near 2,000 words a day. When I write. And I wrote today, starting on a new project entirely. I’ve taken the setting of my Glimpses of Heaven and Hell novella (listed there on the right side as free fiction) and dumped a few characters into it, and will see what happens.

At the moment, it’s a little of a limp start, but I have no expectations, other than getting the words down on paper. We’ll see what happens. And I think if I attend the write-in on Wednesday I aughta be back ahead of the target, and back onto a trouble free 50,000 words.

In other news, the Search Term Word Challenge has closed, and voting is now in progress. Why wouldn’t you want to go over and check it out. And vote. There’s some rather juicy short stories there, given the strange terms that we had to include into the challenge. Go check em out.

I shall be back tomorrow with another update!


3 thoughts on “NANO 09: Day 9, “A new project begins”

  1. On the front of my blog homepage on the right hand side. Near the top, there is my free fiction links. It’s right there. I got lazy and shoulda posted a link, actually.

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