NANO 09: Day 8

It took a bit of planning, but I managed to write near 2,500 words today. Putting myself about the same again behind the official Nano total for this part of the race. Doesn’t matter. I think that I will be able to pick it up. This week, maybe I’ll even make the write in.

I managed to get out some pointless, fun words for the Search Terms Writing Challenge. It closes tomorrow sometime, the 8th, GMT. My entry is a bit stupid, but hell, it was still fun writing, and that’s all that I’m really worried about at this point. I want to do fun writing stuff again! Or at least as close to fun as I can get with writing. Head on over to the site, and vote! Well, when the contest closes.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start on something entirely different. This does sort of break the ethos of making a 50,000 word novel for November, but I don’t much care. They’ll be getting 50,000 words of something for November, and be happy for it! Anything to get myself across the ending line. Although I think that I’ll be sticking to the same project for the next 40,000 words.

More to come tomorrow. I’m wondering if my last Nano was this messy …


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