NANO 09: Day 4, “No write in”

I didn’t go to the write in, which could quite possibly be going on still, as I write this. Well, even though I didn’t go, I did get another couple of hundred words written. Curious this thing of writing outside of lunch breaks. This is probably the longest period of writing at home I’ve done in a while. It’s not so bad, I guess.

I’m not overly confident in where the story is going at the moment, as I head into midpoint through the next datastream. Currently, I’m about seven weeks ahead of release on Agents Provocateurs, and trying to keep the increasingly complex plot in a straight forward and serial like manner. More lesson learning I guess.

I figure that I will have to go to next weeks write in. After pulling a long hard day at work, there’s nothing I want to do more than head home, put my feet up, (and now days) write more. It might do me well to meet up with other Nanoers. Well, there are still three more write ins before the end!


2 thoughts on “NANO 09: Day 4, “No write in”

  1. I never went to a write-in during my NaNo, and I regret it. Apparently they’re good fun, lots of good, hard working folk. Anyway, glad to know the wordcount is still chugging along. Even if you’re not confident with the story, bust ahead. First drafts are terrible anyway, NaNo first drafts doubly so.

  2. go to the write in! then tell me all about it. I’m still hoping that we’ll manage a small catch up here, all three of us…. lol

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