NANO 09: Day 3, “You can do eeet!”

Hah, thanks to Decado for his encouragement on yesterdays post, and yes, in the immortal words of Rob Schneider, “You can do eeet!”. I hear him ringing through my head now thanks to you! Keep your head up too, bro, and push through that block if you can, whether it’s a writers block or any other sort!

It actually hits at a rather good time, this encouragement. I’m still 400 words ahead of the Nano target for day 3, but I’m hitting something that will hit many of us at this part of the game.

Self doubt, and doubt in the project.

The voices in my head told me that the stuff I’m working on right now is crap, it’s boring, and I should just give up. It’s natural (I think) to get this early in the Nano month. You have to just keep your head down and push well ahead. Ignore the voices, ignore the urges and just write.

For me at least, it’s a little more complicated than that. I’m not writing a novel. I’m writing more of an ongoing serial. So those voices of doubt came in double strong. Not only should I give up on writing this for Nano, I should just give up on the whole serial as well. The evil, evil voices.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, day 4, and also the first Auckland write in. I missed the kick off party, so it would just be fair for me to go to the write in. I could use it to get well ahead of where I need to be. Might even put me in good stead for the weekend, which will no doubt dent my progress.

I’ll have to see how I’m feeling after work.


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