NANO 09: Day 2

I’m certainly not ripping through my writing at the moment, currently standing at 3820. It’s not a huge amount ahead of where one should be come day 2, but I’m still proud. I wrote during my lunch break and followed that up with more writing tonight, to bring me to the end of the section I was working on. I think I’m standing at about 400 words ahead.

It really is important to get as far ahead as one can as early on in the month as possible. Still, I’m happy with that for now.

Monday marks a new update for Agents Provocateurs as well. Obviously, with its new site and all, the update has occurred over there. Fear not! Here’s a direct link straight over there. I’m bias obviously but still I’m excited about the new program of AP. I’m proud that I’ve managed to keep the series on a steady update without breaks. Something that I consider the most important thing about a serial series.

So, why not head on over and check out the new datastream. Even as a new reader, it’s the perfect place to dive on in and catch up!

2 thoughts on “NANO 09: Day 2

  1. At least you have a few thousand words down brother. I’ve got some kind of block (I don’t dare call it writer’s block as that would infer that I’m a writer) and I’m stuck at 1k words.

    Keep at it bud, as Rob Schneider is so fond of saying, “You can do eeet!”

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