NANO 09: Day 1, Disaster strikes

I was meant to go down to Borders at 10am this morning and join the rest of my fellow Nanowrimers, but I didn’t. I knew I was in trouble when I rolled out of bed and tried to work out the logistics of getting down town in time, and getting back once I had the words done. Needless to say, I didn’t actually get down there. I really did want to, though.

Furthermore, visitors turned up.

Anyway, none of that put a dampner on my efforts. As you can see, it’s only 12:30pm, and I’m writing my first Nano report. Yes, I have broken the ground, and written a bold 1,995 words. A good start. If I had any sense, I’d try to get some more words done by the end of the day. We will see. It took me enough to get that many done, with all the distractions around me.

I actually wrote during the weekend. At home! Unheard of, almost.

Nanowrimo just feels strange this time around. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. I do have some Nanofriends on my MSN, from the forums, and Cassie too is all in Nano mood. It just seems strange that today is it, this is where we start, and from here on in, we’re writing our heads off. I guess the Nano spirit hasn’t hit me yet, neither has the realisation of what I’ve signed up for. Can’t wait for my first pep talk email, mind you.

So this is it. The start of Nano. Let’s hope it’s not a total disaster.


2 thoughts on “NANO 09: Day 1, Disaster strikes

  1. It feels weird for me too, like it’s not actually the 1st, I shouldn’t have started writing or something….Very proud that you not only managed to write in the weekend, but you got all the words done that you needed to 🙂

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