Ok, so I’m a day late on wishing happy Halloween wishes, and chances are that few of my readers are able to access this free and rather cool offer, but hell, I’ll put it up all the same. It would be remiss of me not to …

Hulu has posted Silent Hill free online for streaming, just for Halloween.

You might suspect that I’m a big Silent Hill fan. I rather love the original Playstation game. For me, personally, I think it was a landmark game in terms of the horror genre. It really stood out on uniqueness and scares, and I’m an 80’s baby, growing up with a whole generation of classic horror.

While the Silent Hill certainly wasn’t a masterpiece of cinema, it was a very good conversion of the Silent Hill ideal to the big screen. Some of the film effects in the movie really need a big screen to be experienced at their full effect. The droning sirens, a few of the sound and screen tricks they used just made it one of those films that was extra special on the big screen.

If you haven’t already visited the whole Silent Hill thing, it centers around a couple, whose young daughter keeps having dreams about a place called Silent Hill. When they all go to the township to discover what her connection is with the place, they find out disturbing truths about their daughter, and the place itself.

So, head on over to Hulu and watch a pretty cool sort of horror film for the Halloween season. Well, only if you happen to be in the US. If not, well then, pick up Silent Hill from your local DVD store, and give it a watch with the lights out, late at night, just like when I used to play the game.

For those of you coming out of the horrors of Halloween, pop back later today for my update on the start of a new horror; Nanowrimo.f


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