Another post missing any real meat to it, as I collapse after yet another week at work. Week two on the phones and I think I’m starting to get a hang of things. And a routine to writing too. Avoid any distractions. Use another cafe that isn’t frequented by certain friends. Heh.

I did finish the chapter I was working on for AP. From here, I’m ready to start Nanowrimo on Sunday at a new chapter, making things easy for me in terms of record keeping. Roll on Sunday!

In the meanwhile, check out Ruzkin’s outstanding couch, hand stitched!

3 thoughts on “Huzzah!

  1. Good luck on the NaNo, man! It’s a huge task, but I know you’re up to it. And the couch wasn’t so much hand-stitched, I used a sewing machine for most of it… still took two weeks 10am to 2am every day, but I can’t claim hand-stitching =P

  2. Very exciting! I’ll be interested to hear how your meet up goes with the other writers tomorrow – will it help or hinder your word production?? Either way, it’ll be fun! I’m really hoping we’ll get something off the ground here as well.
    Can’t believe nano starts tomorrow… I don;’t even know what my first line will be.

  3. It might not be hand stitched perhaps, but it’s certainly hand made! And a great effort.

    Hmmm … you’re right Cassie. I hope it doesn’t hinder. I need a good couple of thousand words out of the way.

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