Who doesn’t love free stuff?

And free audio shows done in the style of classic programs of the Golden Age of radio, too! What’s not to love? I’m talking mostly about Black Jack Justice, and the great people who produce it, namely Decoder Ring Theatre.

Serial stuff rocks, and although I’m certainly not old enough to remember when radio shows ruled the airwaves, I am old enough to remember listening to kids stories on the radio. I was probably influenced in some way by the continuing series of The Hobbit, being read each Sunday when I was young.

My mind conjures up images of the family huddled around a large wooden radio the size of a small fridge, hanging on every exciting word that trickles out of it. While we don’t have radios of that size any more, and we are far too distracted by crap television, we can still relive a little of what it might have been like.

Black Jack Justice is a noir style, hard boiled detective story, narrated by the gumshoe himself, and his sidekick Trixie Dixon. The stories are top notch and the voice acting just as good. I certainly can’t speak highly enough of the series. I believe I might have even mentioned it previously on this blog. It time enough to mention it again.

What are you still waiting for? Go check it out. Or if gumshoes aren’t you think, costumed crimefighters might, in which case check out their sister series The Red Panda.

Of course if you know of a free podcast serial, feel free to spread the love by leaving a comment about it!


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