Every word counts

Yesterday I wrote 20 words before being interrupted by a friend. No more writing was done at all. Today I broke 1,100 or so in about 35 minutes. Not too bad. So hopefully this is a more healthy indication of things to come.

I have already told said friend that I will have to find a new place to write, and to hide from him during the month of November …

Speaking of November, it would appear that I’m going to be able to attend my very first write in for Nanowrimo, which I find hideously exciting! Happening on 1st November, which is this Sunday (of course you knew, you’re writing too), I’m finally in a city that has enough writers in it to support a write in. Let’s hope I can get a good amount done on Sunday setting me off to a roaring start.

I’ll be updating day by day. Unlike SOCNOC, you’ll not get any of my planning and thought for the week running up, obviously. I’ll just be diving in and reporting the highs and (possible) lows of the month.


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