Today’s the day!

So today is Labour Day. In short, it’s a day off work, forcing my week next to four days. I can live with that.

It’s also Monday. To astute readers, that’s Agents Provocateurs update day, and yes, today is finally the day that the new Program 2.0 is started.

I approached Program 2.0 with a few things in mind. I took on board all of the lessons I learned in writing Program 1.0. Also, I wrote it with a fresh start in mind. If I’m submitting this to the eFiction Book Club, then I want it to be at it’s punchiest. So if you’re a new reader to the series, it might seem a little strange next week, when the main storyline launches, but this weeks introduction should put you in good stead.

Also, and probably most importantly, I’m responding to something that should have occurred to me a little while back; giving the series its own website.

The only review I’ve had for the series mentioned that my own blog posts got in the way of the series posts. Even though I’ve got a page that links directly to all the posts, I figured it’s time for the series to get what it deserves.

I’m still struggling to produce a straight forward version of everything that’s been released to date. I have it in PDF, but struggling to put a cover page onto it. Look for a downloadable copy in the not too distant future, and a Lulu version as well.

In the meantime, declare yourself a sympathizer and head on over to the new site for the beginning of a new Program.A

3 thoughts on “Today’s the day!

  1. every now and then a blog title will cause me to burst into song. Today, you achieved that, because -today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic. Picnic time for teddy bears, the little teddy bears are having a lovely time today…..

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