Successes and failures

Although I had a sterling week at work (excusing the one day sickness on Thursday, and the continuing to get myself better since) and I had a not-so-stellar week at writing. Bad enough, in fact, that I consider the fact that I need to try new strategies, especially considering that both Nanowrimo and program2 of AP is coming up faster than a speeding superhero.

Cassie prompted me to go on over to her website and check out a post she wrote there about getting time-wise. Write in 10 minute blocks, and get a sense for how much you can write in that 10 minutes. Then work out from there where you can fit these 10 minute blocks.

This method might work for me as I just can’t write after work. To me, writing needs to be done in hour blocks, usually lunch breaks. I don’t think that as writers we can be as self restricting as that. But also as writers, I think that it’s easy to get stuck in situations like this and not realize it.

So, from here on in I shall have to try things a little differently methinks … also I need to get AP’s website all ready for the bright and bold new Monday launch. I think that this, plus Nano will give me the direction and impetus to get moving again.


2 thoughts on “Successes and failures

  1. I really hope so, I felt the need to prompt you into thinking about your writing differently, because its something I need to do in order to get my writing done as well, as nice as having an hour to sit down and write might be, sometimes it’s just not going to happen!

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