I survived

Well of course I would, but it’s always a slightly unnerving thing to start in something new. I survived my first day of work, post my rigorous training. No problems there. Back tomorrow to do it all over again, but this time (hopefully) slightly quicker and slightly more easily.

I’ve posted the ‘lost segment’ of Agents Provocateurs. This might come across as slightly confusing perhaps. What happened was that I posted the last story arc of AP (known at part 5), but somehow skipped posting the cliffhanger to the arc, and pretty much the whole first story.

What’s up now is that missing part. You have to options;

1. If you’re an AP groupie, it’s no problem. Read up on AP juiciness and prepare to get flung into a whole new story come next week. Same great series, updating Monday, on its own website!

2. If you’re scratchy with what the hells going on, click over to the series page on the right there, read up on part 5, and read the missing segment that’s just been posted. Read the last interlude and you’re all caught up and refreshed for a whole new story coming up next week! Did I mention it gets its own website?

3. If you’ve never even read or heard of the series, then why not follow step 2 and join us in a world of shadows, spies, crosses and double crosses in a dark, near future New Zealand, where everything exists within the worlds most complex computer; the human mind.

Now I just have to keep well ahead with the writing of the series, which might take some getting used to. My lunch breaks are going to take a bit of getting used to, as well as perhaps finding somewhere to write where everything I know doesn’t turn up to interrupt me! Heh. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it does axe my writing.

Having said that, todays disruption came just about the same time I realized my brain was too fried to write. Let’s try again tomorrow.

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