Why?! WHY?

Why the hell does TVNZ keep feeling us this crap and call it good television? The latest ‘unmissable television event’ is a steaming pile of turd called Impact. How do I know it’s bad?

Ok, it’s about a meteor that hits the moon, and sends it flying off course into Earth. Even the advertising looks bad.

What ever happened to decent television? Why do we have to be spoonfed this crap? We had to put up with ‘feature length’ episodes of Fringe so that they could get that crap out of the way so we could be treated to this!

I hate television.

Tomorrow is something better than television, I would think. Free serial fiction. If work doesn’t overwhelm me and affect my memory I’ll be putting up the lost part of Agents Provocateurs. On Friday, I continued working on new parts of the series. I didn’t finish a whole part, but I got the better part of it done. I think I did write three hours … I got near 2k done. This week I’ll have to aim for better.

This week also marks my first week of work out of training. Three weeks and I’m a lean, mean tech support machine. Now to put all that training into cold, hard practice.


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