I managed to get about 500 words written today, forging on ahead with the new program of Agents Provocateurs. Perhaps I need to find a better place to hide, as a few workmates and a friend ended up accosting me about halfway through my effort. I guess this brings me to my greatest lesson of the week.

Don’t invent yourself excuses.

When it comes to writing AP, I generally spit it out 1 chapter per fitting. As it happens, that generally happens in an hour, and ends up being about 1,800 words. So somewhere my brain makes the excuse ‘you can’t write a chapter of AP if you don’t do it on sitting, because that’s how it’s written’.


Excuses. Don’t listen to them! Although the voices can be incredibly seductive.

So I have to settle with the fact that a quarter written chapter of AP is better than a nothing written part of a chapter. This does put a rather large dent in my usual output level. Can I cope with such a steady drop? Or maybe I just need to get back up to speed. Yes. That’s it.


One thought on “Interrupt!

  1. well, instead of a chapter in one sitting, you can do one in two, or like, just make the chapters shorter? lol You’ll figure it out!

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