Non writing pursuits

And I’m back. Again. To stay.

Well finally I’m back up online and able to do cool things like listen to my favorite local tracks on YouTube. Something that you certainly can’t do at your own leisure on dial up …

I figure that this will be it for now. We are settled with our provider, and probably won’t be changing for a long time. Good. Stability. Something us Aries types like. Both in life and our internet connections.

Speaking of listening to my favorite local music on YouTube, I present my latest little favourite. Kidz in Space are a collection of three local guys; Ashley Hughes (aka Ethical), Neesh (whose also from New Plymouth, where I once hailed from, and Cassie still does), and Josh Fountain (who I don’t actually know anything about …). Ethical and Neesh have both released solo rap albums, but this track is a little something different. Infectiously catchy all the same.

I have a rather overwhelming love for local hip hop (amongst a million other music genres) and I will admit that it influences my writing in curiously fundamental ways. Anyway, take this song and see how you like a little local flavor.

Tracking down a CD copy of that one might be challenging. They have an EP out, but I haven’t even been near a music store in near a year.

Needless to say, now I have net, I have less excuses for not updating my blog, not writing, and not releasing AP. Expect developments on all these fronts in the coming week. Oh, and ya’ll better get your Nanowrimo ideas sorted. It’s coming up on us faster than a charging bull.


5 thoughts on “And I’m back. Again. To stay.

  1. What are you doing listening to NZ stuff Ruzzie? 🙂 They remind me of the 80s for some reason, but I can’t place what band it is they remind me of. Some of the stuff on my best of 80s Electronica albums …

  2. Kidz in Space are a lot of fun – bet you never thought you’d hear me say that! lol we’re very fond of ‘downtine’, well, me and the girls anyways!

  3. Actually, I can totally see your girls boogying down to that track. It’s just got that sorta beat I think. And plus, they both take all your downtime as it I bet!

  4. haha they do indeed take all my downtime. Lauren loves it, she bounces up and down and waves her arms around. Ivy enjoys it other than the bit where the voice is changed, she thinks he sounds like a monster… lol HAH I should put on some cradle of filth, that would scare the crap out of her! Okay, for the record, I would never do that, I don’t want to scare her, but imagining the reaction is mildly amusing.

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