A graduate me is!

I’m bleary eyed, and it’s Saturday morning. I’m slowly getting used to this Monday to Friday 9-5 type stuff. Pity it won’t last beyond my training.

But for now …

Great news. I have finished my basic training, and graduated with perfect marks. Now onto what I call sniper school, or training in things tech related. It should be fun and easy. Then it’s into the real work, and probably a not so stable work roster.

Somewhere in there I have to forge a new writing schedule. Cassie and I were talking about what I would do for Nanowrimo. At the moment, it’s sitting at more AP. ‘Everything’s about AP’ she said. ‘I don’t remember any of my other projects’ I replied. So AP it is. Unless I come up with something better in the meantime, it’s going to be AP for the month of November.

I managed to get about 1 hour 15 minutes writing related stuff done last week. This week I will try to aim for at least 2 hours.


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