Call center boot-camp

Week two in my new job is almost at an end. Tomorrow will mark two weeks of induction in call center work, where my brain has been opened up and filled with more information about phones, plans, faults and internet related stuff than anyone should know. Except for someone in my line of work.

Tomorrow is my test to see if I’m up for the front line. Two weeks of rigorous training comes down to this one moment of truth.

Ah, what a curious path, one might think, from librarian to an internet worker. For me at least, with my background in web design, programming and Commodore 64s, it’s not too much of a stretch. It’s sort of like going back to old, familiar ground.

Next week is an entirely different line of training, but it’s sort of like sniper school after my base training in all things call center.

How does this affect my writing? After all, a librarian seems a far easier career for a writer than an internet call center worker. Well, I did do a lot of my writing back when I was last in the IT industry. It was some of my most productive times writing. I’ve cracked open the old stats spreadsheet, found myself a new place to write during my lunch break, and hopefully it’s all steam ahead from here.

Next week I’m going to forge ahead with Agents Provocateurs, but I appear to have missed out the last part of the last datastream. Although it doesn’t feel like it’s ending in a weird place, it is … so next week I’ll restore that missing segment. It will give you all a chance to reread and refresh on the last datastream before the start of the next major part of the serial.

Sorta peeved that I messed that up, but hell. I guess nothing much can be done about it.

Last note; Nano is quickly approaching. What will I do, I wonder?


One thought on “Call center boot-camp

  1. yes, what will you do?
    I’m not writing smut any more, that will have to wait – maybe socnoc? I’m gonna finish this trilogy, will be nice to have it done and then maybe I can start work on revisions!
    Hope the test goes well, the next level of training sounds exciting 😉

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