Goodbye books, hello phone

Well tomorrow is my first day of work, and tomorrow is hopefully, fingers crossed, also the day I get net back on at home. It’s been about 7 weeks or so now. The idea of having internet, on tap, in your own home is almost an alien concept to me now. Getting such a thing feels rather curious.

So tomorrow I start my job as a person working at an internet provider, helping people who call in with questions and problems. A little bit of a diversion from librarian, one might think. I’m looking forward to it big time, mind you. I’m ex IT, so it’s not so much a change as it is going back to my roots.

But how will not being a librarian affect things for me, I wonder? No more free library books with no overdues. That will be rather curious. I’ll have to browse the shelves like a normal person rather than pick and choose books that I work with every day of my life.

I was a librarian for almost six years I think. And now I’m back to IT. Glorious fun!

So stepping out of the cloisters of knowledge, and back into the bright electronic world of internet and connections and such. It is rather a cliche that a librarian is also an author. But I do wonder how not being a librarian will affect my writing. Well, as long as I get lunch breaks I’m sure I’ll do ok.

One thing I was known for as a librarian (in Auckland at least) was playing chess in the lunch room. Apart from getting lots of strange looks, there were also just as many who peered across the board and looked the situation over with a learned eye.

Chess hurts my head, but I’ve been playing since I was eight or something. Right now I’m playing correspondence chess in various formats. My game still stinks. One of these days chess will make it into my writing. Actually, it already has in my next novel idea. Will I write that idea during Nano, or something else?

Time will tell I guess.

This does feel strange and cool at the same time. While I am incredibly eager to get back to work after so much idle time, it strikes me today that it is the day before work, or the last day of the weekend. Haven’t had that for a bit.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye books, hello phone

  1. I’m from an IT background, so it’s not much of a jump really. And my whole career has dealt with customer service. Even only two days in the job and I can feel all my geeky background returning to me!

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