It’s just a medium of storytelling

I still get a lot of hits for ‘indigo prophecy shower scene’. Although it’s not a lot of hits, it turns up enough that I notice it. Indigo Prophecy (if you lived in the US) or Fahrenheit (if you lived anywhere else) is a rather cool little PS2 game, which you can also get on XBox Marketplace I noticed … well worth checking out.

The shower scene is perhaps one of the best scenes in the game, if not in gaming. Not for the reasons you think, but because of the atmosphere (heavy, dangerous and oppressive) and a few very cool tricks they pulled. One being the incredibly cool track that plays during the scene, that can later be switched off by using the stereo … all in all, it plays to all the stereotypes you expect of a scene like that.

The weekend is about to roll on, and no net yet. Monday I’m told. Roll on Monday indeed. I’ll be working for one, and finally about ready to get that all important ‘routine’ I talk about. Meanwhile I notice I’ve written 10 pages of notes for my Fallout RPG.

Anyone who reads too much of my blogs will know that I’m a writer who has too many outlets perhaps. Whether it be good old writing short stories or novels, or interactive fiction, or pick-your-own-adventure type books, or roleplaying games or any other number of things I do other than writing (not to mention all the crazy writing ideas I come up with).

I figure it all comes back to storytelling, and that’s what it is in the end, I guess. The want and need to tell stories, no matter what sort of medium it is.

Roleplaying, like any other storytelling sort of medium has its pitfalls and tricks and traps. As one might guess, it’s a story that is a little more interactive and co-operative than the standard pen and paper type, but can be just as rewarding as well.

So I know a lot of you are writers and all, but what other mediums of storytelling interest you? Fess up, all.

Just like well done shower scenes, it all comes back to storytelling and we all know what works and what doesn’t, no matter what the medium.


9 thoughts on “It’s just a medium of storytelling

  1. I used to run RP games, back when we had our group, and we had some amazing campaigns; Werewolf, Amber, Shadowrun, good old D&D. It is definitely a great outlet for storytelling, and really teaches you how to fly by the seat of your pants.

    Now, I pretty much write. That’s the only outlet I have for storytelling 🙂

  2. Does liking the Hitman: Contracts shower scene make me a bad man? Or the (dating myself with this reference point) Red Faction one?

    Any storytelling medium – ANY – is worthy of attention, and it doesn’t matter is the tale is told in a computer game, a comic, television, in a song or on a blog. When artificial divisions are created to distinguish “real” storytelling from popular entertainment you end up with idiotic ‘rules’ and made up genres such as “literary.”

    As I have pointed out before, to the chagrin of ‘serious’ authors, the text on the back of a cereal box is just as literary as On Chesil Beach. I guess I shouldn’t expect much of a warm reception from the literati, but the facts are what they are…

  3. Oooh! We have to talk about all those! I’ve run three of four of those that you’ve run. And I’ve WANTED to run Amber, but couldn’t get hold of it. Another one I wanted to run was Engle.

  4. Oh, Amber is definitely the best RPG I have EVER played. EVER. And I have been roleplaying for a very long time 🙂 I’ve never heard of Engle though.

    If you want to find out about our games, go here: http://people.aapt.net.au/~thelibrary/pg.html

    Check out Country Roads – the biggest and the best Werewolf game ever! Mind you, the last time I played was…um, over 5 years ago… *sigh*

  5. Well, I’ve only just started RPing again with the old group. I’ll check out that link when I’ve got a connection again! And yeah, Amber does sound pretty damn cool, but I dunno if it’s conventional enough for my poor group. Werewolf was the longest running game I’ve run, and that I think my group has played.

    Engle is a German RPG that got d20’ed. In it, you play angels in a post apocalyptic world where you may actually be genetically engineered teenagers manipulated by the church to fight off an alien evil. But it’s very post apocalyptic fantasy. Love that blend.

  6. Haha bigwords88, I like that comment about the text on the back of the box. I’m sure you’ve got some stick for making that remark before though.

    I haven’t played Contracts, but absolutely loved Blood Money. I think it was Blood Money …

  7. Adcopy is not literature, mate 🙂 It’s a very contentious remark, and I’m sure you get LOTS of attention for saying it, but it is wholly erroneous 🙂 Comparing the two is like comparing Da Vinci to a painted wall. It’s the skill involved in the creation that makes the difference.

  8. Salman Rushdie wrote ad copy, and I would rather read one of his ads than I would one of his books. Much higher quality of work there…

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