Any creativity counts?

No net until Monday! Uuh. What am I meant to do until Monday? As much as I have been doing since I lost net, I guess. That means a whole lot of nothing in general.

I’m not writing, but I’m still being creative. I’m quietly tinkering away on a short Fallout RPG campaign. I tell myself that when I get back into a routine, I’ll be fine when it comes to writing again. I guess I’m showing my serious shortcomings in that regard.

I’m sure it is an excuse. But once life gets back to normal, I’ll go back to writing again. I guess this move has been a bigger disruption than I anticipated. I wonder how I did with writing during all of the other moves? I can’t remember. All I can remember is that my move to the Taranaki area got me Cassie and a Nanowrimo win. Was that my first Nanowrimo?

I start my new job on Monday. I’ll keep you all in the dark until then as to what it is. I’m looking forward to it greatly. I think it will be a great deal of fun.

Nanowrimo is coming up this year in a month or so. I should definitely be participating in that. I wonder if I can twist Cassie’s arm into doing it to. It’s only far … hmmm. I’ll need a new favourite cafe to write in as well. I wrote my first novel in an Auckland cafe. Something horrible like $250 dollars worth of coffee went into it.

Until then, I need net. then I can get my blogging back on track and my writing too! Until then, more Fallout and game writing I guess.


2 thoughts on “Any creativity counts?

  1. Yes, it was your first NaNo, and yes, consider my arm twisted – especially if it means getting you back into a solid writing routine.
    Roll on Monday!!!

  2. Shiiit, NaNo again. Every time it comes to NaNo I have some other huge project on the boil that takes precedence. I’ll do it again some year, I swear!

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