Settling in

The Calvin and Hobbes storm continues with a new high of 406 hits yesterday. This is what I consider to be dishonest traffic. I’m not even sure if any of those hits are reading or looking more than not seeing what they came here for. Tis rather crazy.

I am now happily installed in our new place. No net, no timeline either, but I’m not overly fussed. When you are concerned with things like ‘where did I put the sugar for my coffee’, and ‘how can I move this pile of boxes so I can get to the bathroom’ internet doesn’t (surprisingly, actually) feature too much.

I know where everything is, but not everything is in the same location. Having said that, I managed to cobble together enough bits to run the stereo (all the technical stuff is in storage with a friend) and delighted to find out that we can pick up BaseFM.

This is a good thing because Base rocks on so many levels. A mostly dub/hiphop/reggae station, it is a low powered one, and can only be picked up in a fairly small area of the inner city (or on Freeview, or online). The DJs play whatever they want, really, and respond to pretty much every random TXT or email you want to send in.

In short, they are just very cool. Happy to be getting them on the old system of radio.

What happened to the jolly old days of radio being a medium that rocked? Where the lounge was organised around your stereo system rather than the TV. I have vague recollections of the radios of my childhood. I remember music from then more than I remember TV. Modern life happened to the radio star I guess, but give me radio any day. Right now, that’s all we have. Until the TV gets carted back home.

No writing yet. I have nothing to sit on. We don’t have a couch yet. That’s my lame excuse for now and that’s what I’m sticking with.


2 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. or the days when you had a tape in your machine, ready to hit record when that song you loved came on? Home made tapes that always missed the very first notes of a song and moved into another before you could reach the stop button?

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