Things of note

Amongst all my disorganization I forgot to point out a few things. They don’t get the celebration from me that I would otherwise give them;

My blog has long since turned 1, back at the start of the month. Can’t do much about that. It might get a spiffy make over when I have the time and inclination. Thanks to all my readers, and my regulars who I consider good friends in this curious online reciprocal reading round we have.

Also, this week is Speculative Fiction Week in New Zealand. I had intended to do all sorts of fun and exciting things, but as it turns out, all you’ll get from me is a mention for now. Perhaps I can think of something insiteful between unpacking boxes and wondering where I put the coffee.

Hmmm I can’t find a URL for SpecFic Week just yet, but there’s a rather cool post over at Cassie’s blog that discusses some cool points of the week so far.


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