Diary of one man moving (+partner)

I’m sure that this blog doesn’t make particularly exciting reading at the moment, but rest assured, dear reader that my life is anything but straight forward at the moment. I don’t like exciting. I like sedate and peaceful and quiet. That’s when I get the most writing done.

A writer should be able to write in the middle of a snow storm, right? Right.

Still, a writer also shouldn’t be too hard on themselves, as Cassie always tells me. Having said that, I hold myself to rather strict standards when I write. Hence my rather large output. Right now, there isn’t a whole lot of anything.

Maybe Merrilee can point me at the right post, but I do remember reading a rather useful post over at the eFiction Club (I think it was) about making small and achievable goals. If you make your goal ‘write every day’ (mine is) then it may not be so easy to achieve. It’s not that quantifiable, of course. But ‘write 200 words a day’ is.

One of my old bosses told me to take these big moves and disruptions as a big adventure, and I guess that’s how I should look at it for now.

So bare with me as I post (relatively regularly) about stuff only vaguely writing related, and with no really deep stuff behind them (for now). The times they are a-changing. Back to a normal broadcast in time. At least this shows that wireless is starting to become a little more accessible in our backward country.


2 thoughts on “Diary of one man moving (+partner)

  1. Ah I knew you would have a link for me! Yes, that’s the one. It was a good article. I’m just hideously disorganised now that I’m getting my net in 15 minute, daily chunks.

    Heh, well, my life at the moment is one of disorganisation and living by the seat of my pants. It’s a different style of blogging when you sit down and think ‘right. what do I post now, in the 10 minutes I have?’. I desperately want to get some pictures up. This place truly did affect my writing in a profound way I think.

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