Calvin y Hobbes

It would seem the Calvin and Hobbes storm continues on my blog, keeping my hits above a dishonest 100 hits per day for the fourth or fifth day running. Today, I have had hits for the lovely duo in more than four languages.

Sorry. Still no more Calvin and Hobbes here other than a few brief mentions.

I spent some time yesterday hacking together some ideas for AP delayer material. Actually, that’s not as dishonest as it sounds. I think that there should be a break between the cliffhanger of a season and start of the next. So rather than giving more and more skip weeks, I will endeavor to fill the gap.

The answer is something of a crazy idea; Agents Provocateurs: Spring Break, Swimsuit Edition. What’s this crap, you ask? Well, it’s all the characters I wrote about in File #1 of AP, but in a different setting, and with a different spin. And who doesn’t like a swimsuit edition?

More astute readers might realize that I of all people are the last to oogle girls in their swimsuits. But in the bold tradition of filler material, why not?

It could be a total lot of crap, but it might be interesting as well to explore some of the characters in a different light. Same problems, different place.

We shall see. I shant leave you wanting for free fiction again. Let last week be the last skip week. I agree with Ruzkin that a skip week is good, but when I’m writing months and months ahead (I’m a month ahead in the next File) I really have no excuse for not doing weekly updates.


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