A quick update (and where’s Agents Provocateurs?)

A quick post to update on all things blog wise. Agent Provocateurs, being at the end of the season and all is taking a skip week this week (for the first time in it’s fairly modest but good history). I need the time to get my shit in order, and fix up the new website. It seems a total waste not to launch the new site with the new season, but it’s a little challenging in that regard given I don’t really have internet.

So I’m sure that AP fans will allow me a week while I get net, work and home life in order.

Otherwise things are challenging. Getting no writing done at all, but have managed to put together a fairly passable D&D module. Well, I guess that sort of counts as writing, so it’s not a total loss. Any other writing however, I haven’t done a drop. The problem there would be lack of regularity in my life. Only one of the many reasons why I hate being unemployed.

But on that note, I may have good news later in the week, after interviewing on Friday. We shall see.

Until then, I’m still alive, and all. Thanks to Calvin and Hobbes, I got about 270 hits yesterday to the blog. I think they might have been slightly disappointed that I wasn’t really doing much more than just mentioning them. Such is the strange life of blogging, I think.


2 thoughts on “A quick update (and where’s Agents Provocateurs?)

  1. TWO SEVENTY? Man, you smashed any record I ever had. Skip weeks can be useful sometimes, lets you get your mind back in order. Best of luck with the interviewing!

  2. Heh yeah well I find that the most random things end up getting massive hits, so it’s best to talk widely I guess …

    Skip week it is! Now I just need routine enough to do some more writing, rather than reading or playing xbox.

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