tama wise



This lack of internet thing may very well get on my last nerve. For the most part I’m dealing with it all fine. You would expect that I’d be getting a lot of writing done. Wrong. I’m getting a lot of Xboxing done. Which isn’t a bad thing. This is sort of like a holiday of sorts.

Although Xbox on a 16″ or so TV, without HDI is a hideously strange experience. Call me a snob if you wish …

So what am I doing if not writing a whole lot. Well, I’m not writing per say, but I am chugging out a good deal of dungeons. One thing I could never indulge while I was out of Auckland was my age old passion of RPing. Now I’m back, and all my old buddies are drinking up D&D 4th ed, I gave it a peep.

That along with playing a lot of Oblivion again has pushed me back to a pass time of my teens; putting together dungeons and pointless RPG scenarios. I guess I aughta look out, my geek side is showing. But then Vin Diesel is a RPer. And it’s never much of a stretch to imagine that a writer might be, creator of worlds and all.

Right now I’m updating my blog from my local (sorta) coffee store. The wireless is free, but the coffee is hideously priced. Last time I checked Esquires was decent on their coffee prices.

I have to sigh at the 0 visitors to my blog today, shameless lament. Which just goes to show, you gotta be saying something and have something to read for people to visit. Write it and they will come.

Two weeks before I get any desernable internet connection, I think. Until then … write more! Miss you alls.