Review; Moonraker, by Ian Fleming

The Bond novels are a different beast from the Bond movies, which I’ve found over the last few that I’ve read. They ain’t as pulpy as I expected, instead they are well written, well paced, and have the familiar elements that you expect from the movies (if you’re coming from that direction, like I am).

The key difference? Bond is better and cooler than even Sean Connery could pull off. He has depth and character, rather than being what he became. He’s a real person with whom you can feel the weight of his job with.

Moonraker is number three in the series of novels that Fleming wrote. Starting off with a good old card duel, and moving itself on to the more fantastic of Bond implausibility, this one finds Bond chasing down the truth behind the Moonraker rocket.

The answer isn’t any huge surprise, but it’s the ride that you go along for.

If you want solid spy fiction, with action and adventure then this is the place to go. I liked the Bond films (well, the Connery ones and the latest ones) but I almost might say that the books are better.

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