On a sunday afternoon

100 points to anyone who gets why that particular image is pasted to this particular post. Actually, you might get the achievement of ‘My Personal Hero’ if you can work that one out!

Otherwise it is a Sunday afternoon. All ready to head back to Rotovegas for the week to finish off my work. I find myself in the curious place of no fixed abode for the next little while. No problem there, but I’m sure that particular adventure might start running thin after a little while.

Will I be able to write tomorrow? Most likely, but I’m sure after a 3 hour drive, starting at 6am in the morning, I might take the easy way out. This week however, my writing goal is to start on arc two of AP.

Boy oh boy do I have ideas. And come 16th or so of September, the bucket will be empty and I’ll need to restock on more datastreams.

Finished up on season 4 of the Wire. Excellent TV that. And it really does deserve the title of ‘tele-novel’ because that is rather what it is like. The director points out that each season should be like a book, that you can set it down at the end and feel you’ve been through something worthwhile. Actually, it has a lot of lessons there about writing as well. Any other Wire fans out there?

Right, off to charge my iPod and make sure shit is sorted for the trip back to Vegas …


2 thoughts on “On a sunday afternoon

  1. Heh the best is yet to come man. We watched Season 2 pretty damn quick. Actually all of it is pretty excellent stuff. We just have to wait for season 5 to get released. I really do like the format of it though. Very tele-novel. The Guardian raves about it all the time, even now still.

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