A sunny day

I was hoping to do the jazzy thing of doing this update while traveling in my mates WRX while accessing his mobile acting as a wireless hotspot, somewhere between Rotovegas and Auckland, but alas. My dear writing laptop didn’t feel like connecting too it. Not sure why. But it would have been cool.

Not a lot to report. Braindead mostly from lack of sleep, and sleeping on a floor. Monday starts the last week in my job down in Rotovegas. From there, well it’s just all one big adventure.

Writing wise, not doing a lot of thinking, but like I mentioned last post or so, that’s probably to be expected of late. Been meaning to get back to doing some writing. Considering going back to AP. Hmmm. I’m still giving that serial some serious consideration. Do I push forward with it, or start something new, or just dump it all. I do want to continue. I just wanna make sure that it’s the wisest use of my time.

Part two of the series can only be better than the first part, with all the ground work that’s been laid down. We shall see.

Meanwhile, on with the last of my weekend! Lovely weather.


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